Institutional Investment TV Show

Sucess is a show that is focused on the next generation of billion dollar companies. Revolutionary companies with brilliant leaders impacting humanity. Billionaires and legendary founders partner with and invest in them to help ensure their business and financial success.

We invest up to $10 million per company
Only companies we agree to invest in appear on the show
We are long term partners for your company’s growth and success
Selection process starts Q3 2023

Have you raised a solid venture capital financing round?

Please apply to be on the show. Only companies that we agree to invest in will be included on the TV show.

Are You Impacting Societies And Humanity?

Beyond the TV show, our team can help your company with introductions, relationships and more.

How quickly can you scale past $100 million or $1 billion valuation benchmarks?

We are highly experienced at investing in or building companies to reach valuations over $1 billion and may be able to help you.

Do you have a highly defensible market position?

This is a key evaluation criteria for us. We evaluate management teams, financial projections, intellectual property, and more when making decisions.

Can your management team withstand difficult periods and succeed despite strong industry forces?

We believe in real partnerships and will stick with you through ups and downs.

Our team has completed investments in many companies that have reached $5 billion valuations. We would like to invest in the best of the best and help you succeed along the way.

Investments led by family offices and institutional investors including Mohan Ananda - ( Founder - sold for $6.6 billion), Shark Tank Judge, Kevin Harrington, and other top investors

Once a decision is made to invest in your company you will be invited on the show. Only the best companies and management teams will appear on the show. We may be able to connect others that don’t make it onto the show with suitable venture firms.
Companies that are invited to participate on our TV show can gain important exposure to our institutional investor audience

Apply Now

Shooting starts in Q3 2023

Institutional Investor or Family Office?

Please contact us if you’re interested in attending show tapings or meeting institutionally backed companies that are considering raising capital